Schools using 3D mechanical models to teach
Schools using 3D mechanical models to teach

3D Mechanical models are a great source of learning concepts practically. Teachers in schools can use these models as supplements to showing videos of prototypes. A physical 3D model is always more appealing than a video.


In fact, there is a company named Ugear that manufactures 3D mechanical models and some of these models were used by a science teacher in one Florida school.


The science teacher at schools offered his students some real hands-on experience in mechanics using Ugears model kit in his class. The teacher mentioned that assembling these models not only kept students interested and engaged, but also became experiential scientific learning material that helped students to understand the depths of principles of mechanics.


Students were offered to work in groups on the assembling of a few different Ugears mechanical models. From the very beginning of the process, the students were fully engaged. It drew students together and taught them essential skills such as: social communication and team work, along with core principles of mechanics. One particular model that students worked on, a Ugears UGM-11 Truck, consists of 420 pieces and was fully assembled during the period of only 2 classes, because of excellent combined team work.


This type of hands-on learning experience ensures a thorough comprehension of learning materials, brings satisfaction, contributes to raising the level of self- esteem and self-worth and helps in turning a plain text book lesson into an exciting practical experience.


Ugears supplied this Palm Beach high school with several different models for the Science classes projects. Here, you can learn about all the mechanical models and sets that Ugears offers. Made with natural, eco-friendly and safe wooden materials, these models are assembled without any glue and are exciting, not only during the process of assembly, but also after the work is done. When put together, they produce real-life mechanical motion and are fun to watch and play with.


Schools can give children permission to make mistakes. Help its students to open up to the wonders of the world by making them ask intriguing questions. Teachers can plan special projects. Shared creativity can awaken and develop new talents. Ugears wooden 3d puzzles can be great tools to initiate these shared creative studies.